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Beyond Elizabeth I: Completely Different Images from the Same Photoshoot including Vintage Bride

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As you saw in my blog post about the Elizabeth I shoot, we went to a local park with a curved uncut stone wall as a backdrop. Once I had gotten the Elizabeth shot I were looking for, we were free to experiment. Here, Kels Roth embodies the Arthurian romantic heroine and later the gorgeous wind blown bride.





Windblown Vintage Bride 

We took off all of the excess costuming and were left with the handmade vintage wedding gown that was the base of the outfit. To get the windblown effect on her hair, we have a large fan powered by a marine battery. Not an easy thing to bring on the go, but since the Elizabeth set up required it we were able to use it here.






By using flash outdoors mixed with the natural light, I brought a higher fashion look to the shots.


Though this was a fine art photo shoot, and it was essentially for my own artistic expression, I bring this kind of creativity to all my sessions. Even if you don’t want elaborate costuming (or if you do), we’ll bring it!




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